Apr 25, 2024

The day Andrew Perkins won a chess congress: Andrew Perkins v Michael J Freeman

The Vauxhall Motors 3rd One Day Chess Congress was held on the 17th of July 1982 at Osborne Road Luton. Two sections of 24 players, five rounds, 45 minutes each player. The top were in Section 1 and the top rated player at the congress was Colin Garwood (2155). Colin got a draw in round 1 but lost to Richard Freeman (2013) in round 2. Andrew progressed through the rounds as follows:

Round 1: Stephen Law (1893) 0 - 1 Andrew Perkins (2095)

Round 2: Andrew Perkins (2095) 1 - 0 Roger Quince (1750)

Round 3: Andrew Perkins (2095) 1 - 0 T McDade (2005)

Round 4 was the match below against Michael J Freeman (no relation to Richard Freeman).

With Andrew Perkins now leading the congress with 4/4, And Richard Freeman chasing on 3.5/4, the final round was a match of the two leaders and that game went:

Round 5: Richard Freeman (2013) 0.5 - 0.5 Andrew Perkins (2095).

And Andrew won the Vauxhall Motors 3rd One Day Chess Congress outright on 4.5/5.

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