Aug 01, 2023

Luton Chess Club Rated Event - Results 2023

Luton Chess Club Rated Event - Live Results 2023

Rounds are to be ignored.

Luton Chess Club Championship 2023/24 details/guidelines (subject to minor refinement) :

- Anyone at the club is welcome to join or stop participating at any point prior to 30/6/2024.

- All moves are to be played in 1 hour per person with no increment and moves should be written down.

- Double Round Robin (Everyone can play each other up to 2 times, once each colour).

- Results sheet is left at the club with the scoresheets, please mark the results there after the games.

- This is not an elimination event, its format is intended to be as inclusive and as flexible so as to accommodate people's varying levels of availability/interest.

Suggested ways to pair :

- Turn up at the club on a club night and find someone who wants to play a tournament game (whom you have a pending pairing with, including persons who are not already in the tournament).

- Alternatively, you can arrange in advance but there is no obligation or default if one or both people are not at the club on a given night.

- New participants will be added if/when they play their first game in the tournament.

- Placings determined by total points on 30/6/2024 (no minimum number of games but the more you play, the more potential your score).

- Games will be graded as standard play if both players are ECF members of bronze or above at the time of playing. (non-ECF member players can still take part in the tournament but their games will not be graded).

- Play will be as per ECF/Fide rules below:


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