Oct 11, 2023

Luton A beat Luton B 4-1 at opening match of the season.

Luton A team beat Luton B team by a convincing margin of 4 wins and 1 loss at the season opener on the 10th of October 2023. The results reflected that on paper, Luton A are one of the strongest team in the division and Luton B was out rated on every board. The Full results below.

Luton A v Luton B - 10th October 2023

Board 1. Tommy O'Brien 1 - 0 Octavian Arsenie

Board 2. Julian Hudon 1 -0 Marek Gladysz

Board 3. Daman Singh 0 - 1 Aleksdandar Juhasz

Board 4. Samir Vora 1 - 0 Humayun Mirza

Board 5. Dixon Jones 1 - 0 Segiu Pop

The match was held at the Campus Centre at the University of Bedfordshire, to avoid the madding crowd in the main library, only to have peace and tranquility shattered by an hour of of bell ringing from St Mary's Church nearby.

Well done to all who played. Next match is Luton B v Milton Keynes A on Tuesday 7th November at home at the University of Bedfordshire.

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