Feb 02, 2024

If at first you don't succeed... Milton Keynes C 1 - 4 Luton B

Two days before the chess match, Luton Town beat Brighton 4-0. Could Luton B do the same against Milton Keynes C?

Match Report by Sergiu Pop

In an exciting clash in the Bedfordshire Chess League second division, against Milton Keynes C, Luton B came out on top with a strong final score of 1-4. The away match showcased strategic moves, determination, and some clever plays from the Luton B chess enthusiasts.

The first match to wrap up was on Board 1, where Dave Wells faced Marek Gladysz. The game was tight, with both players maintaining an even position. After exchanging pieces, the players agreed to a draw, earning each team 0.5 points.

Next up was the match on Board 3, featuring John McNamara against Aleksandar Juhasz. From an observer's standpoint, it seemed Aleksandar had a material advantage early in the game. With extra Pawns and a traded minor piece for his opponent’s Rook, he skilfully controlled the board and secured a victory, giving Luton B the lead.

On Board 5, Sergiu, navigating the Italian game, faced the Pirc defence from his opponent. Despite a valiant effort, Mark took the lead in material with an extra Pawn and a superior position. Sergiu found himself under pressure with disrupted pawn structures. However, a well-executed trap led to a great comeback, securing a Queen advantage and ultimately, a victory for Luton B.

With Luton B already securing a draw in the overall match, attention turned to Board 2, where Colin J Solloway faced Peter Daly, returning Luton chess club after many years. The game remained balanced, leading to an endgame where Colin, with a Queen and Bishop, faced Peter's Queen and Knight. In a tactical move, Colin proposed a Queen trade, and shortly after, the players settled for a draw, solidifying Luton B's triumph.

The last game in progress was on Board 4, with Michael Page against Des Welton. The game remained even for an extended period, with Des gaining a significant material advantage at some point. However, Michael showcased resilience, recapturing Des's extra Rook. In the end, with only Kings and Pawns remaining, Des emerged victorious in the Kings' race, securing the third victory for Luton B.

In a noteworthy display of skill and strategy, Luton B emerged triumphant with a final score of 4 against Milton Keynes C 1, securing their first victory in the Bedfordshire Chess League 2nd division. Each player played their part in the team's success, making the evening memorable for Luton B chess enthusiasts.

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