Nov 25, 2023

For whom the bell tolls. Marek Gladysz v James Grimditch

League matches at Luton chess club are currently held in room G225, the Campus Centre at the University of Bedfordshire, which faces the beautiful thousand year old St Mary's Church West Tower. Luton matches are on Tuesdays from 7.30pm. St Mary's Church bellringing practice is on Tuesdays from 7.30pm. Luton chess club has been playing on University premises since 2019; the bellringers have been chiming since 1882; Luton chess club records go back to 1878, but the Church dates back to 930AD. So they win the "we were here first" debate. This explanation did not appease Marek, who complained an hour of the bells was too long and must be torture for the residents. Fortunately, G225 is a sound proofed room, and with the windows and doors shut, Marek's concentration was not disturbed in this impressive game on board 2 against James Grimditch, gaining a valuable point for the home side Luton B v Bedford D.

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