Jun 12, 2024

Andrew Perkins wins the 1982 Kents (Luton) Chess Club Championship.

Luton chess club championships of the past were knock out tournaments, where the loser of each match-up was immediately eliminated. Each winner then played another in the next round, until the final match-up. The final round was a best of 3 match-ups.

In 1982, Andrew Perkins progression through the rounds was:

Round 1: A.Perkins (2065) 1-0 R.S.Aujla (1600)

Round 2: F.Pettigrew (1518) 0-1 A.Perkins (2065)

Round 3: A.Perkins (2065) 1-0 S.Brockelsby (1923)

Final 1: A.Perkins (2065) 1-0 A.Carabin (1885)

Final 2: A.Carabin (1885) 0-1 A.Perkins (2065)

With 2 wins, the 3rd match-up was not played, Andrew Perkins was declared the winner and awarded the trophy.

The game below is the first of the two final match-ups, annoted by Andrew, describing his experience against a faster, younger rising player at the club.

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