Apr 20, 2024

Aleksandar sets a trap!

Milton Keynes A team captain Sumit Bhalla has enjoyed a good run against Luton league players this season, winning against Daven Patel, Des Welton and Dixon Jones. Last Thursday, in their final match of the season, Luton A faced Milton Keynes A, and this time, Sumit faced Aleksandar Juhasz. Aleks knows quite a few tricks and indeed, recently shared an online game in which he deployed the Kostic Trap:

Nadeem Hussain v Aleksandar Juhasz

In the game below, Aleks set a trap to lure Black to grab the f2-Pawn with check, then capture a Rook with his Queen, seemingly gaining material and penetration to attack White's King. But it was all part of Alek's devious plan, and the tables were quickly turned! Sumit's two Rooks were no match for Aleksandar's two Bishops and Rook and very smart win by the Luton player.

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